18 to 30 - 'Service Above Self' 30 to 40 - 'Service Through Action'
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Main Body here

The layout of this particular section will depend on what the surfer is viewing.

I will use this template for all the pages, and as everything is dynamic, I can put whatever I like, wherever I want it.

Not sure what font to use, but will probably just go for an ordinary sans serif font (like this one, possibly actually this one) that most people have on their computers as default.

I envisage the Home page having a brief welcome note, followed by links to the latest entries to the various sections: Diary, News, Reports, Projects, Noticeboard etc

The menu can change depending on what the surfer is viewing, or I can show all the options at once, although that might get a bit confusing.

None of this is set in stone, but I'd like to get the look of the thing signed off, so any comments are welcome and, indeed, encouraged! Just send me an email.

And that includes the font of the title text and the logo graphics

The footer below will carry all the usual small print stuff
Footer Text here