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Added by: Jem
On: 16/03/2007
Yep, new photos definitely needed! But you're not coming down off the photos Nate! Email anything you have to bristolrotaract@hotmail.com, preferably with an explanation, and I'll post them up!
Added by: nathan
On: 06/03/2006
hi, re your comment from last year jem,new photos please i think i've been on there long enouugh now.
Added by: Jem
On: 20/01/2006
I've now fixed the bug in the email link on the main contacts page, sorry about that!
Added by: Jem
On: 20/01/2006
Hello Amanda! Yes, the club is still very much running and active. Both email accounts should be working, have you tried the online form under the Email link above? We have a new members night soming up 1 February at the Pitcher and Piano on the waterfront.
Added by: Amanda Bowden
On: 06/01/2006
It all seems a bit quiet on your website. I cannot get either email address to work. Is anybody there?! Are you still running your club?
Added by: Jem
On: 07/12/2005
Apologies for the lack of recent site updates, I will now strive to keep the calendar as up to date as possible! If anyone has any photos of recent events or reports to post, just email them to the Rotaract hotmail address and I will upload them for you!
Added by: Andy
On: 13/07/2005
In Case of Emergency - ICE. Consider adding your next of kin into your mobile with the prefix ICE. Should the unfortunate happen and your next of kin need to be contacted, ICE in the address book of your mobile might help. For further information, visit the Vodafone site and click on ICE: www.vodafone.co.uk/lifesavers
Added by: Kylie Murray
On: 28/04/2005
Hello everyone! I've emailed you about getting involved but just thought I'd say hello here before I do so in person! I'm Kylie, I'm 23 and I'm home for a few months in Bristol between degrees. Look forward to meeting you all soon. :-)
Added by: Jem
On: 19/02/2005
Just in case you haven't heard... We've moved! We are no longer meeting at the Prince of Wales in Westbury on Trym. See the 'Home' page for more details.
Added by: Rachael
On: 21/01/2005
The person's inbox is still full!
Added by: Jem
On: 20/01/2005
Any luck with contacting the person involved chaps?
Added by: Andrew
On: 15/01/2005
If you e-mailed us in early Dec 204 and haven't had a reply, please contact us again with your phone number. Our e-mails have been returned because your in-box is full!
Added by: Andrew - BNWR President
On: 23/12/2004
Making a new year resolution to "do more things" or "meet new people"? Rotaract/Rotaserv might be just what you're looking for! Take a look through our site, including the calendar, to see what we've done - then get in touch (click on Contact) and meet us! We look forward to seeing you in 2005.
Added by: Rachael
On: 12/10/2004
Hello Dave! I understand Andrew Meadley has been trying to contact you about the arrangements for center parcs. Jem and I are travelling down after work on Friday so won't be there very early but other people may be there earlier.
Added by: Dave Allan
On: 11/10/2004
Hi All - What is the plan for Centre-Parks - I may be a little more out of touch since I will be travelling a lot. I will be leaving for Paris on Wed (lunch) working there until Thursday (night) and then travelling back to Bristol (fairly late). I should be in on Friday at Bristol. I was wondering what time people would be going to Centre Parcs (I assume it will be on Friday night?)
Added by: Rachael
On: 08/10/2004
I'll speak to people about the center parcs weekend, and try and sort something out Dave! Jem and I are going, so we'll see you there
Added by: Jem
On: 08/10/2004
Alright Dave! Just got back from Naples myself, and the mossies ate me alive down there too. Everything went well apart from one minor hiccup on the autobahn. Website is here www.pugnaciousd.co.uk. Most amusing!
Added by: David Allan
On: 04/10/2004
Settling in OK except for the mosquito bites and the Italian driving. Unfortunately I have meetings early on in that week so I cannot get back for the 9th - but I will be flying back for the weekend of 15th October which had been arranged before I left. I could do with some more details about the Centre Parks weekend now that it is getting close - I won't have much time when I arrive back in Bristol. Regards Dave
Added by: Rachael
On: 01/10/2004
Hello Dave! Hope things are going well for you out there and that you are settling in okay!We have got the 70s night coming up on 9th October and so I am desperately trying to sell tickets - fancy an easyjet flight back for the evening?!!!
Added by: Dave Allan
On: 28/09/2004
Hi there - just settling in in Rome and wondering what was happening back home.
Added by: Jem
On: 28/09/2004
Thanks for the invitation, I will raise this at our next meeting!
Added by: Rotaract district 1200 Chairman Petra
On: 21/09/2004
Attention members of Bristol north west rotaract and Bristol Rotaserve Rotaract District 1200 are celebrating their 25th birthday this year at The Thistle Hotel in Exeter, Saturday 13th November 2004 and you are corduly invited to join us and help us celebrate our anniversary. Meals cost 27 and Accomadation is available at 35 Per person, per night. We would really appreciate it if you would join us to help celebrate. Deadline for bookings is 18th October Best wishes Petra Teunon (petra.teunon@fiery.demon.co.uk) Rotaract District 1200 District Chairman 2004-05
Added by: Jem
On: 14/09/2004
Anyone know how much we raised on the charity pub quiz evening?
Added by: sam
On: 25/08/2004
How many of you remember the 70's? We are holding a 70's quiz on Monday 6th September at the Prince of Wales Pub, Stoke lane, Westbury on Trym. In aid of the Tiny Lives Campaign. 1 per person. Drag along friends and family - especially if they are over 40, they may remember a bit of the 70's! I promise it will be a great night and for any new or potential rotaractors its a great chance to meet us.
Added by: Jem
On: 03/08/2004
Excellent! Glad to hear you've got your costume sorted. I have a feeling Rachael will make me wear something particularly rediculous! Speaking of which, I'll mention the pub quiz thing, as I think we might not have anything on that evening. Mind you, with my memory, it could be my birthday and I wouldn't remember. Don't fret for celeb gossip tho, I'm sure the latest copy of Heat will have done the rounds. On an even further random note, do you chaps fancy a cinema night on Wednesday? I'm the contact if you do!
Added by: Jen
On: 01/08/2004
Will and I have just returned from Thailand... where I managed to buy a rather cool 70's style dress for the party! Anyone fancy joining us at the Inn on the Green on Sunday 8th August at 8pm for the Charity Quiz night? We need all the help we can get... (as we have been out of the country and are very out of touch with recent celeb gossip... Sam? Rachael?!)
Added by: Jem
On: 29/07/2004
Ah, joy. Finding Nemo for the 4th time (He's in Sydney).
Added by: Rachael
On: 23/07/2004
Everyone welcome to watch disney videos / dvds at our house on sunday 25 july from 7pm!
Added by: Jem
On: 16/07/2004
Strong work Robbo! Good first meeting I thought. Have you got your name down to go to Glasnost yet?
Added by: Robbo
On: 13/07/2004
As the new Rotaract President, it's about time I added a comment before Jem has to 'remind' me again! If you're new to this site and wondering what on earth we get up to, have a look under "Events" or click on "Contact" to get in touch with us. Or better still come along to one of our events! Just think, in a few weeks time you too might be able to experience a BBQ in the rain!
Added by: Jem
On: 12/07/2004
Hi Jen! I though the BBQ went quite well despite the downpour, and no George needed. Although my brolly will probably never be the same again!
Added by: Jen
On: 10/07/2004
Hi Jem, looking forward to Looking forward to the barbeque tonight at yours and Rachael's! Good job you've got a george foremans..... will bring a brolly...
Added by: Jem
On: 08/07/2004
I'm sure a reasonable level can be agreed, but you'll have to speak with my solicitor!
Added by: Sam
On: 08/07/2004
I just wondered what the going rate is to have my photos removed from the Past Events gallery? I'll make sure my 70's outfit, for the 30th Anniversary of Rotaract (10th October!) hides my identity!
Added by: Jem
On: 02/07/2004
I think I'll add to that and say thanks to Simon and Nathan for running things for the last year. Good luck Robbo and Sam (as if you'll need it!)
Added by: Lorraine
On: 01/07/2004
Just like to say (on the offical start date of your term of office) well done to those who are now on the committee, especially Sam and Robbo for taking on the position of Presidents. Good luck!
Added by: Jem
On: 29/06/2004
Thanks for the post Rachael! Question is, how many people have now seen this, but not said hello...
Added by: Rachael
On: 22/06/2004
Hello! I'm posting a message of solidarity! See you all on Wednesday.
Added by: Jem
On: 21/06/2004
Hello! This is the Bristol North West Rotaract website noticeboard. Feel free to post a note about the website, or questions about Rotaract and I or any other member who sees it will try to answer. Although an answer might tale a while!
Bristol NW Rotaract (Established 1974) is a registered charity (1035486) sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Avonmouth and Bristol Severnside. Bristol Rotaserv (Established 2000) is also sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Avonmouth and Bristol Severnside