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Did you think that 'threading the needle' was about embroidery? That a 'doh-si-doh' was a dizzy female deer? Or that 'stripping the willow' meant...(make your own guess on that one!).... If so, then you obviously weren't at the 2004 Portishead Rotary Annual Barn Dance.

Once again, a great time was had by all. Lots of money was raised for charity and we all laughed at our own, not to mention each other's, two left feet.

After plenty of 'galloping' and spinning around, not only were we very dizzy, but we also got plenty of excercise to burn off those Christmas dinners.

A really fun night and I'm already looking forward to the next one!
Article posted: 2004-02-09 01:00:00
By: Elly and Jem
Swing your partner by the hand...
Rachael aims for the groin
Fancy meeting you here
All for one, and one for all!
Rich and his fabulous pointy feet
Gratuitous arse shot
...and left and kick and right and kick and...
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