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Sunday 7th November, at 2 o'clock, several teams gathered at the cafe in the Watershed in the city centre, to embark on a walking Treasure Hunt around Bristol.

Being a Bristolian born and raised, I didn't think there would be much about Bristol for me to discover... Well I was, naturally, wrong and the treasure hunt designed by Elly took us around areas of the city centre and pointed out features I never knew were there.

We didn't win, but courtesy of Jack (the dog), we did get the fastest time!
Article posted: 2005-01-09 01:00:00
By: Jem
Jack leads the way toward a statue in the centre
Down the Christmas steps
Heading to High Street
Outside the St Nick market, overtaking another team!
The famous twin minute-handed clock on the Corn Exchange building
Heading for Pero's bridge
Going past Bristol Cathedral
Pete does some adding up
Elly reads the scores
The winning team share the spoils!
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